Strategies for the implementation of program works on sociology from the II length of education

The subject of coursework involves the work of a in the second year student with primary sources and it is printed in the framework of this discipline “History of Sociology”. Course tasks are a learning pupil qualifying academic and systematic work, that will be specialized in self-development of the selected subject. It possesses all the properties of the work that is scientific it Clearly articulates the subject and object, function and research questions; it really is done predicated on acquaintance because of the primary tips regarding the classics of sociology, analysis of traditional texts that are sociological contains systematic findings which are appropriate for further research and, hence, are holistic, homogeneous and complete.

The goal of this course work with the reputation for sociology

Course work with the past reputation for sociology aims:

– to review the main sources, works regarding the classics of sociology, also The subject of which as a range of critical scientific literature corresponds to your selected subject regarding the course work;

– in-depth study of 1 associated with the topics for the program linked to the growth of a methodological way, a medical tradition within the reputation for sociology, or perhaps the works of 1 for the classics of sociology;

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